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Administrator's Guide

  1. Displaying Your Own Logo In TeamGram
  2. Setting The Default Time Zone
  3. Changing Your Company's Default Currency
  4. Changing The Default Language
  5. Changing Your Company Name And Address
  6. Understanding How Your Organization Chart Affects Access Rights
  7. Viewing And Editing Departments
  8. Creating A New Department
  9. Moving A User From One Department To Another
  10. Changing A User's Information
  11. Connecting Your Contaazul Account To TeamGram
  12. Integração ContaAzul
  13. Usando o recurso de Auto-Importação
  14. Using the Auto-Import feature
  15. Smart Email Outbound
  16. Connecting your FreshBooks account to TeamGram
  17. Connecting your QuickBooks account to TeamGram
  18. Connecting your RingCentral Account to TeamGram
  19. Lead settings
  20. Excel Template For Importing Leads
  21. Adding Language Packs for Printed Documents
  22. Embedding custom apps to your own website as web forms
  23. Connecting your Zendesk Chat (Zopim) account to TeamGram
  24. Connecting your MailChimp account to TeamGram
  25. Changing A User's Primary Email Address
  26. When A User Leaves Your Company...
  27. Making Some Sections Invisible To Some Departments
  28. Adding Custom Fields To Built-In Forms
  29. Setting Defaults For Access Rights
  30. Customizing Deal Stages
  31. Deciding Which Quotes Are Shared In The News Feed
  32. Adding Default Text and Images For Quotes
  33. Deciding Which Orders Are Shared In The News Feed
  34. Customizing Order Stages
  35. Defining The Basic Properties Of A Custom App
  36. Adding/Deleting Fields In A Custom App
  37. Lists In Custom Apps
  38. If You Make A Custom App Invisible To Yourself...
  39. How Do I Reactivate A Suspended Account?
  40. Exporting Data As An Administrator
  41. Authorizing Other Users To Export Data
  42. Excel Template For Importing Products
  43. Excel Template For Importing Contacts (People)
  44. Excel Template For Importing Companies
  45. Excel Template For Importing Deals
  46. Excel Template for Importing Custom Apps
  47. Excel Template for Importing Updated Product Prices and Inventory
  48. Importing Data From Other Apps
  49. Importing Your Gmail Contacts to TeamGram
  50. Instruções para importar produtos do Excel
  51. Instruções para importar contatos (pessoas) do Excel
  52. Instruções para importar empresas do Excel
  53. Instruções para atualizar preços de produtos e inventário do Excel
  54. Instruções para importar Leads do Excel
  55. Instruções para importar Oportunidades do Excel
  56. Email inteligente de envio
  57. Funções do usuário