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Add Your Users

TeamGram is all about collaborating and sharing at work. In order to do that in a secure way, we need to know the people in your company (the users).

Only system administrators are allowed to add users. The person who opens a company’s TeamGram account automatically becomes a system administrator. If you are not a system administrator, and need help with adding a new user, contact your system administrator.

Listing Your Company’s Users:

Only the people specifically invited by a system administrator can become your company’s users. You may have already invited some users during signup, but you can always add or remove users as needed.

To list your users, login to TeamGram, and click on the Users tab on the left menu.

Adding A New User:

TeamGram is all about sharing and collaborating at work, so the first thing you need to do is to make sure your coworkers become TeamGram users. You do this by inviting them. They become users when they accept your invitations.

You must invite each user separately. User accounts may not be shared by multiple users. To invite a new user:

  • Go to the Users page and click on the new user button. 



  • Enter the name and last name of the user. This name is displayed to other users, and may also be printed on quotes, so make sure it is correct.
  • If you have already created some departments, you may select this user’s department now. Otherwise, leave it as Default Department.
  • Leave the user’s role as Basic user for now.
  • Enter the user’s work email as the primary e-mail. The invitation will be sent to this address.
  • Press the Save button. (see example)


Repeat these steps for every person in your company who will be using TeamGram.

Accepting an Invitation:

People who receive an invitation must click on the verification link included in the email, and select a username and password. Once they complete this step, they will be able to collaborate with you in TeamGram. You can always view list your users (see above) to see who have accepted your invitations.