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Adding Default Text and Images For Quotes

Quotes usually contain some images (e.g. company logo) and standard text that is displayed before and after the pricing table. Users can edit these texts while writing their quotes, but as an administrator, you can make their job easier by adding in some default text and/or images.

To set the default images or text for quotes, go to Control Panel > Quote settings, and press Edit.

  • Intro text: This is the introductory text that usually introduces your company before listing the prices and other terms.
  • Footer text: This is the text that appears after the prices, and before the signature. Additional terms like delivery times, applicable taxes, warranties must be written here.
  • Header image: This is usually your company's logo. You may add any image you want as a header to your quote.
  • Footer image: Use this if you'd like to add any images at the end of your quote.