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Adding Language Packs for Printed Documents

TeamGram lets you save and use your order and quote templates in different languages. If you want the name of your products and custom fields to be automatically displayed in the language specified on the print template, you must upload their translations to TeamGram in a language pack.

Let's imagine that you're using TeamGram in English and you saved a product with name "sample product name". If you choose a Russian template when creating a quote, this product would be displayed in English as it was saved. You may want this product to be displayed with the Russian translation (название продукта Пример) in the printed/exported quote document. 

To do this, navigate to Control panel > Language packs page, download the language pack template to work on it and finally add the language pack file you prepared. When you successfully add a language pack, the product names and the custom fileds will be automatically translated and displayed with the language specified in the print template.

* You must type in the original name and the translation of all the words you want to be translated.

* Do not forget to choose the translated language when you're adding your language pack.


The language packs translates the fields listed below.

  • product unit
  • product name
  • product brand
  • product model
  • custom field name
  • custom field value (only list)