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Connecting your MailChimp account to TeamGram

You may send e-mail campaigns and newsletters to your contacts on TeamGram if you have a MailChimp account.

For this, you have to connect your Mailchimp account to TeamGram.

- First, you have to create an API Key on Mailchimp:

- Log in to TeamGram after you create a key. Go to control panel > Integrations page and navigate to MailChimp tab.

- Paste the key code you acquired from MailChimp to the text box that says ‘API key’.

- After you submit your API key, use the “Export my TeamGram contacts to MailChimp” button and select the Mailchimp list you want to add your contacts to. This may take up to 15 minutes.


P.S: Use the “Export to MailChimp” link to export only the listed contacts or leads on the search results page or to export only the contacts/leads with a certain tag.


When you search for all the records containing the word “manager” in TeamGram, all the contacts and leads containing “manager” will be listed in the search results page. You may use the 'Export to MailChimp' link to export only the searched contacts to a list on MailChimp,


* To see the email campaigns sent to a contact on TeamGram:

Simply navigate to the contact's page on TeamGram and click on 'Mailchimp tab'.

You will see a list of the email campaigns sent with the date and the subject and the action taken by the contact.