Creating A New Task | teamgram

Creating A New Task

Method 1: Creating a Task on the Tasks page:

To create a new task, click on the Tasks tab and press the New Task button. Fill in the task details and save.

Method 2: Creating a Task on a Record Page:

Go to a record (contact, company, deal, etc.)

Click on the Tasks tab under it. Click on the New Task button.

This works similar to Method 1, but automatically adds the record as a connected item.

Method 3: Adding a Task to a Note:

This method is useful to create action items from meeting notes.

First write a note and save it.

Then, go to the lower right corner of your note. A "New task" link will appear. Click on it.

A quick note pop-up will appear. The note and all of its connections will be automatically added to the task's connections list.