Creating And Editing An Order | teamgram

Creating And Editing An Order

To write a new order, click on the New Order button on the Orders page, or click ont he Convert to Order button on an accepted proposal's page.

  • Customer: Type in the customer's name and either select a matching customer from the options offered, or create a new one (using new company or new contact options).
  • Pricing table: You can add lines to this section as needed. For each line, start with selecting a product. Type in the product name and either select one of the suggested matching products, or create a new one. Set the quantity, unit price, and currency. The line total will be calculated automatically.
  • Product options: If you need to add options to any line item in the pricing table, click on the green pencil button to the right of that line. This will add a text field under it where you can write options like color, pattern, or size.
  • Discount: Apply a discount, either as a percentage, or as an absolute amount.
  • Scheduled fulfillment: Select the date when this order needs to be delivered.
  • Other information: Add addresses, related contacts and deals here.