Customizing Your Quote Template | teamgram

Customizing Your Quote Template

Quotes in TeamGram have the following parts:

  • Your Company Logo *
  • Your Company Name *
  • Your Company Address *
  • Your Company Phone *
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Contact
  • Intro Text *
  • Header Image *
  • Pricing Table
  • Footer Text *
  • Footer Image *
  • Signature

You can customize some of these parts with a template, so you don't have to reenter them for each new quote. These are marked with a * symbol in the list above.

Go to Control Panel > quote Settings to create and save your templates. You can add intro and footer text, header and footer images to your templates.

  • Template Name: Make sure to give your template a self explanatory name so that you can easily choose this template when creating a new quote.
  • Header: This is the tite of your quote. "quote" will be used as a title if you leave this field blank.
  • Intro text: This is the introductory text that usually introduces your company before listing the prices and other terms. You can write any text here. To save time, ask your system administrator to enter the default entry text all draft quotes will start with. You will still be able to edit the defaults.
  • Footer text: This is the text that appears after the prices, and before the signature. Additional terms like delivery times, applicable taxes, warranties must be written here.
  • Header Image: This is usually your company's logo.
  • Footer Image: Add any image as a footer image or leave it blank.

After you save your templates, you can choose the template you want to use when you're creating a new quote. If you only have one template, it will be selected automatically. You can make changes changes on the intro and footer text when creating a new quote.