Start With Defining Your Deals | teamgram

Start With Defining Your Deals

You must create a separate deal for every sales you are working on. If it is worth following up, make sure you have a deal for it in TeamGram.

  • Go to Deals, and click on the New deal button.
  • Customer: This is the company or contact (person) you eventually hope to sell to.
  • Deal name: Make this descriptive. Try to include a project name, or what you are hoping to sell, so it is self explanatory in lists. You can always update this if the subject of the deal changes.
  • Other related contacts or companies: If the customer is a company, it is a good idea to include the contacts here. This is especially important when you are selling to a large company where you know a lot of contacts, but only a few of them are relevant for this deal.
  • Status: Open means you are still pursuing this deal. Closed means this is no longer an deal. This field is used to filter and sort deals.
  • Stage: An deal goes through several stages before a sale is finalized. Assess the deal frequently, and update this field as needed. Your system administrator can customize the stage options to better fit your business.
  • Probability: Enter the likelihood of successfully closing this deal. Realistic estimates will help you more accurately forecast future revenues and better manage your sales effort.
  • Expected closing date: Enter the date when you think this deal will be closed.
  • Amount: Enter the estimated value of the goods and services that will be sold, if a sale is actually made.


It is a good idea to update your deals often. Each sales person must "own" a realistic number of open deals, and ensure each of these get adequate attention.