To import your products into TeamGram, go to Control Panel > Import/export / Import tab > Companies From Excel.

Use this Excel template to prepare an import file for your list of companies. Please make sure you follow these instructions.

After you export your data from another system, copy it into the attached template.

  • This list is for companies only. Do not use it for contacts (people).
  • Make sure your data does not include duplicates. Every company must appear only once in this spreadsheet.
  • Company Name column must be filled for each company. If it is left blank, rest of that row will be ignored.
  • Description field is optional.
  • Work Phone field is optional. Enter one phone number only. To avoid errors, enter number as an alphanumeric string. Beginning with the symbol ' (apostrophe) to enforce alphanumeric entry will reduce chance of errors. Plus sign, spaces, parentheses and dashes are allowed.
  • Work Fax field is optional. Rules for work phone also apply to fax numbers.
  • Mobile Phone field is optional. Rules for work phone also apply to mobile numbers.
  • Other Phone field is optional. Rules for work phone also apply to other phones.
  • Business Email field is optional. One email per company. Make sure this is a valid email address. No spaces or invalid characters.
  • Business Address field is optional. Write the street address of the business here.
  • Website is optional.
  • Tags field is optional. Use tags to classify companies by industry, region, etc. Multiple values are allowed. Use commas between tags.
  • Tax No field is optional. Write here the tax number of the company.
  • Tax Office field is optional. Write here the tax office that the company is affiliated with.

Once your file is ready, upload it here:



You have to be a System Administrator to access import/export settings.

Choose the owner, assign editors and readers for the records and upload the file.

Specify any additional information in the related text box.

Your file will be checked for possible errors and then will be imported. This may take up to 24 hours.