Excel Template For Importing Deals | teamgram

Excel Template For Importing Deals

To import your deals into TeamGram, go to Control Panel > Import/export / Import tab > Deals From Excel.

Use this Excel template to prepare an import file for your list of deals.  

After you export your data from another system, copy it into the attached template.

Please make sure you follow these instructions.

  • This list is for deals only.
  • Customer Name is optional. If used, make sure this contact or company is already in your teamgram contacts or companies.
  • Deal name field is optional.
  • Description field is optional.
  • Status field is required. You have to use one of allowed parameters: [Open - Active, Open - On Hold, Closed - Won, Closed - Lost, Closed - Abandoned, Closed - Cancelled] 
  • Stage field is optional. If field is not blank, you have to use one of allowed parameters: [Identifying contacts, Contacted, Low, Request for quote, quote submitted, Contract]
  • Probability field is optional. If field is not blank, you have to use one of allowed parameters: [Very low, Low, Medium, High, Very high]
  • Expecting Closing Date field is optional.
  • Expected Amount field is optional. It must be a number.
  • Expected Amount Currency field is required if Expected Amount field is not blank or zero. Use three letter international currency symbol (USD, EUR, etc.)
  • Tags field is optional. Use tags to classify deals by industry, etc. Multiple values are allowed. Use commas between tags.
  • Owner Name field is required. Make sure this user exists in your TeamGram users.

Once your file is ready, upload it here: https://www.teamgram.com/import/excelimport?type=Deals



  • You have to be a System Administrator to access import/export settings.
  • Choose the owner, assign editors and readers for the records and upload the file.
  • Specify any additional information in the related text box.
  • Your file will be checked for possible errors and then will be imported.
  • This may take up to 24 hours.