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Go to the gamification page by clicking the trophy icon on the header to set up a new game or to view details about ongoing, upcoming and completed games.

How to create a new game?

Please note that you must first create at least one rule to set up a new game. How to create a new rule?

Click on the gamification icon to navigate to games screen.

Click on the ‘New game’ button.

  • Upload an image for this game or choose one from the gallery.

  • Name of the game: Choose a name for this game

  • Description: Enter a detailed description of this game. Use this field if you’d like to offer a reward* to your participants.

  • Participants: Select the users you want to participate this game. You may also select a department to add all its users. A game must have at least 2 participants. Use badges for individual challenges.

  • Rule: Add previously created rules defining how the points will be calculated during the game. You may add up to 5 rules per game.

  • Game duration: Choose a start and end date for this game. The game will start immediately if you choose the current day as the start date.

  • Recurring: Turn the radio button on if you want to game start again when it ends. The recurring game will have the same duration with the original game. Please note that a game will not recur again if it’s deleted or ended before its scheduled date.

  • Game master: Choose a game master for this game. Only the gamemaster can modify, delete or end a game before its scheduled end date.

  • Color: Choose a display color for this game.



- How to win a game?