Occasionally, you may need to update your name in TeamGram, either because it changed, or it was not entered correctly in the first place. Before you set out to do so, it is important to understand how TeamGram identifies you:


When you sign up to TeamGram, you are asked to pick a username. Your username is used to identify you while logging in. Usernames are permanent and cannot be changed.

Real Name

We also request users to provide their real names, in case we need to contact them for verification of identity. If you created your user account by accepting an invitation, your real name may have been set by the system administrator. You can always check the real name associated with your account, and update it if necessary.

To edit your real name, login to TeamGram and click on your username at the upper right corner of the screen. Select Settings. Then click Change User Information.

Display Name

How your name is displayed to users in your company is a different matter. We use another name, called Display Name for this purpose. Normally, your real name and display name should be same.

However, unlike real names, users are not allowed to update their display names themselves. To prevent impersonation, editing a display name can only be done by system administrators of your company.

If you need to have your display name updated, ask your system administrator to edit your user information.