Reporting features are fully integrated into TeamGram lists. All lists are interactive. You can instantly change your criteria, view results, and click on any line to view the details.

Listing Records:

To click records of any type, click on the corresponding tab in the left menu.

Selecting Built-in Criteria:

Some TeamGram lists have commonly used built-in criteria. For example, the task list has a My Active Tasks list that only shows ongoing tasks you assigned to others or others assigned to you. This list doesn't include any tasks you are not involved in, or the ones that are already completed.

All you need to do to use a built-in list is to select it from the "Show these" options at the top of the list.

Specifying Custom Criteria:

If you need a report that is not included in the built-in options, you can easily define it yourself. To do that, click on New List next to "Show These".

In the popup window, select your criteria on the left column, and specify the desired values for them in the middle column. The right column shows all selection criteria specified for your list. You can remove any condition by clicking on the x symbol next to it.

Click on Apply to view your new list.

Saving Your Custom Criteria for Future Use:

When you are viewing a list with new custom criteria, TeamGram displays a Save option at the top of the list. Click on this, and specify a descriptive name for your criteria.

This name will be included in the "Show these" options in the future, and you will be able to quickly access it, without having to specify your criteria every time you want to apply it.

Exporting The Results to Excel:

You may export any list to Excel, if your system administrator has authorized you to do so. Simply click on the Export button at the top of the list page.

Using Custom Criteria on Mobile Lists:

All custom criteria options you specify are automatically added to your mobile apps as well. Once you specify a criteria for a list, you can use it from any device.