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Lead settings

*To learn more about leads, read the relevant article: http://help.teamgram.com/knowledge_base/topics/leads

To add custom fields, specify or modify your channels, and create web forms, go to Control panel > Lead Settings.

Custom Fields:

You can add custom data entry points other than what’s available in TeamGram to collect&save more data about your leads.

To do this, go to the Custom fields tab in the “Lead Settings” page and click “Add new field”. Define the name and the data format from the pop-up window. Click Save.

The custom fields you have added will be added to the lead form when adding a new lead.


Lead Channels:

You can specify the channels your leads use to find you. You can add new channels to the list, change their order, modify existing channels, or delete them.

You can sort your leads by the acquisition channels. For example, if you want to see how many leads came from filling the form on your website: Go to the leads tab and click new list. Pick “web form” from the channel list and press apply. Now TeamGram is only showing you leads from the web form.

Attention: Changes made in the channels list will affect all user records. For example, if you change the channel name from “Email” to “Expo”, all records under the “Email” channel will be renamed as “Expo”. 


Web forms:

TeamGram automatically creates lead records for the potential customers who visit your website and fill the form. If you wish, you may add more forms at different websites and differentiate your leads based on which site they visited.

To create a web form;

Go to Control panel > Lead settings > Web Form

Click “Create new web form” and make sure to fill out all the fields explained below to set up your web form.. 


Name: In order to tell apart from other web forms, give a name you will remember and be able to distinguish.

Channel: To tell which channel the leads are coming from, pick the channel this web form is going to be used at.

The domain name for this web form: Please enter the domain adress where this application will run. Only the root domain will be enough.

URL of the success page: Please enter the URL of the success page where visitors will be redirected when they fill out the form. This page must be on your own web site

Owner of the generated documents: Please select the owner of the documents from your user list on TeamGram. Every custom app document must have its own owner set. Security rules of the owning user will be applied to submitted documents.

Google reCAPTCHA Site/Secret key: You need to create and use Google reCAPTCHA for this form in order to secure your data against not attacks.

Get your reCaptcha from https://www.google.com/recaptcha/  and copy/paste the keys.

E-mail notifications: Write the email addresses of your colleagues whom you want to be notified when this web form is filled. Use a semicolon (;) between email addresses to notify more than one user. 

Click on ‘Continue’ when you fill out all the fields. Copy and paste the code into the related page on your website.

Once you paste the code on your desired web page, the answers on a submitted form will be saved to TeamGram as a custom app document.

You may use the ‘Preview’ button to check out your form once again. 



When you add new fields or make other changes on your web form, the web form code will be updated. Make sure to copy/paste the new code on the related web page on your website.

You may view and qualify the new leads using "X waiting to be qualified" button on leads page.



* You can import leads from your mailbox into TeamGram. You can differentiate sources and create multiple forwarding addresses for multiple mailboxes.

Navigate to Control panel > Lead settings > Mailbox

Click + Create new mailbox and make sure to fill out all the fields explained below to set up your forwarding addresses.

Mailbox name: Write here the name of the email box you want to forward.

Source: To tell which channel the leads are coming from, specify a channel for this mailbox.

A forwarding address such as the following will be created when you fill out all the fields and continue:


* Each e-mail forwarded to these addresses will create a lead record in TeamGram with the sender's name and email address. The text in the mail body will be saved as a description for the lead.

* The leads will be automatically tagged as mailboxnameLead.

* You may set up your mailbox to auto forward all the incoming e-mails to these addresses and automatically import them to TeamGram as leads..  


If you’d like to import all the e-mails received by info@abctest.com :

- You should type info in the ‘Mailbox name’ field.

- Select any source you’d like. Let’s select e-mail for this example.

The following forwarding address will be created for your use: info.lead.abctest@import.teamgram.com

A new lead tagged as infoLead will be created on TeamGram when you forward an e-mail to this address.