TeamGram has different record types to store different types of data. You can list each type of record separately using the tabs on the left menu.


Tasks describe to-do items. Anything that needs to be done can be a task. A task must have a descriptive name (e.g., "Replace engine valve"), and at least one user assigned to it.

The completion ratio field shows what percentage of a task is completed. Update this value regularly for each task assigned to you.


Save all potential customers acquired from defined channels as new leads. Easily assess your new leads. Create a new contact or company record for the qualified leads and start the sales process by creating a new deal.


To define a deal, give it a descriptive name that summarizes what it is about (e.g., if you are a contractor bidding for a construction project, you may want to name your deal something like "Sunnyvale Shopping Center Demolition Project").

The status of an deal helps you filter it in your lists. You probably want to pay more attention to open deals, but may occasionally want to go back to closed ones as well.


Quotes are documents you create and send to your prospective customers outlining the terms and prices you offer to deliver a job. While working on a deal, you may need to write several quotes, and revise them as needed.

Customer Orders:

When a customer decides to buy from you, they place an order. The order shows the items to be sold, as well as their quantities, unit prices, and any discounts agreed on.


Contacts are real people. An individual who buys from you, a customer's project manager, her assistant, as well as a freelancer that occasionally works for you are all examples of contacts. You can associate a contact with a company (see below).


Companies are businesses you deal with. They may be customers, suppliers, competitors, or any other type of business.


Products are things you sell. In TeamGram, the term Product may also be used to describe a service. You can also enter unit prices for your products to make quote and order entries faster.