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Features of TeamGram Notes

You can write notes about anything you want to share with coworkers: Meeting notes, ideas, information about customers or competitors...

By writing a note in TeamGram, not only do you inform your colleagues about your activities, but you also record them for future reference.

Notes have some very powerful features that make them suitable for many different purposes:

  • Notes are fully searchable. Everything you write in a note will automatically be indexed by a search engine. In the future, you can easily retrieve your notes by typing in a few words they contain into the search bar.
  • You can include #hashtags in your notes. Any word beginning with the # character is converted into a link to a search query that finds all notes containing that word. For best results, combine words to create unique hashtags like #MeetingNote.
  • You can connect notes to contacts, companies, and more. This feature allows you to see all notes about a customer listed in that customer's page. You can connect a single note to multiple items at the same time.
  • You can attach files to your notes. Use this feature to share photos or files with your note. When you are sharing a note about a customer meeting, don't just write a note about what you talked about. Also include the presentation file you used in that meeting, or the price list you shared with the customer. This is also a great way to build a file archive for your company.
  • You can restrict access to your notes. You don't have to share every note with every coworker. You can decide who are authorized to read your notes, and may even allow others to edit it, if you want.