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Tagging Companies And Contacts

Sometimes, you may want to group your contacts and companies into certain categories. You may want to have a list of "VIP Contacts", or a list of "Importers".

TeamGram's tagging feature allows you to do this with ease.

  • To add a tag to a company or contact, select it from the list. Then click on the edit button at the upper right corner.
  • Expand the "Other information" section if necessary to reveal the tags field.
  • Write a descriptive tag name, and a comma. The words you wrote will be converted to a tag. You can delete the tag by clicking on the x sign on it, or add other tags.
  • Save. Your tags are displayed under the company name. Clicking on tag will list all items with the same tag.

You can also click on Tags in the left menu to access a complete list of all tags your company uses in TeamGram.

You can use tags to quickly list companies and contacts by industry, area of responsibility, geographic area, etc.