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The Lifecycle Of A Quote

A sales quote goes through different stages during the sales process. It is important to understand what these stages are, and what options are available in each of them.


When you create a quote, it is in "Draft" stage. A draft quote is something you are still working on. It is not meant to be shared with a customer.

You can quickly recognize draft quotes by the word "Draft" under the quote name. If a draft quote is printed, the word "Draft" will appear on the printed page as well.

The stage of a draft quote may only be changed to "Final". This is done by selecting the quote from the list, and clicking on the "change" link under its name. 


Once a draft is ready to be shared with the customer, it is moved to "Final" stage.

In this stage, no changes are allowed. It may be printed, emailed or downloaded as a PDF file to be shared with the customer.

A final quote's stage may be changed into several other stages (Note that these stages become available only after a quote moves from draft to final stage):

  • Draft: If the quote was moved to final stage by mistake, it may be moved back into draft stage.
  • Revision Requested: If the customer requests a change in this quote, it may be moved to this stage.
  • Rejected: If the customer rejects the quote, and no further followups are necessary, it may be marked as rejected.
  • Accepted: If the customer accepts the quote, it may be marked as such.
  • Abandoned: If the customer does not respond in a reasonable amount of time, and you decide not to pursue it any further, it may be marked as abandoned.
  • Withdrawn: If you decide to withdraw your quote for any reason, it may be marked as such.


Once a quote is submitted to a customer, it may also be revised. Revising an offer means creating a different version of the same quote with some changes.

This is done by selecting the original quote, and clicking on the Revise This button on the upper right corner.

TeamGram automatically establishes a connection between the revised and original versions of the quote.


Once an offer is marked as accepted, it is possible to create an order with the same content, by clicking on the Convert to order button.