The news feed is a chronological list of all notes and comments posted by all users in your company. It is a good tool to catch up on the latest developments. Browsing the news feed is much faster and easier than having to read dozens of emails every day.

How are notes sorted?

Notes always enter the news feed from the top, and gradually move down as newer ones are added.

One exception is notes with comments. When a comment is added to a note, the note moves to the top to make sure readers notice the change.

How Do I Know If There Is a New Note in the News Feed?

The news feed is automatically refreshed each time you click on the News Feed tab. If another user posts a new note while you are still viewing the news feed, TeamGram will display an orange bar at the top and display the number of new items since your last refresh. You can click on that orange bar to refresh your news feed.

While the orange bar is displayed, the page title shown in your browser will display the number of new notes waiting to be displayed, so you can notice the change even if you are on another browser tab.

You can also enable browser, email and mobile notifications to receive alerts when a new note is posted by another user. To manage notification settings, go to Control Panel > My Notifications.

New Note Indicator

You will also see an orange colored "New" indicator next to notes posted less than 24 hours ago. The color of the indicator fades gradually, and disappears completely within 1 day.

Who Will See a Note in the News Feed?

The news feed will not display every note to every user. It only shows the notes a user is authorized to view.