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User Roles

There are three different roles for users:

Basic Users:

This is the normal role for a TeamGram user.

Restricted Users:

Restricted users can only view and edit their own records in “leads”, “deals”, “quotes”, “orders” and “custom apps”. They behave like standard users for the other features of TeamGram.

Restricted users are included within departments and are affected by the settings specified in department access rights.


In addition to everything a basic user can do, administrators have access to additional sections in the Control Panel that allow them to:

  • Invite, edit, remove users
  • Assign users (including themselves) to departments
  • Change various settings that determine how TeamGram works for your company.

System Administrators can place themselves anywhere in the organization chart, and can potentially have access to all of the data your company stores in TeamGram.

You can view the role of each user by clicking on Users on the left menu.