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Using the Auto-Import feature

You can import all of your existing data to TeamGram in a matter of minutes using the auto-import feature explained in this article.

Before preparing your upload file, you may download the template spreadsheet for that category, which will allow you to see which columns are expected and necessary. 

What Can You Import Into TeamGram?

Whether you have been using another CRM or have your information saved in excel files, you can import your data into TeamGram.

You can import your lead lists, contacts, companies,  products and deals you’re working on. You may also update product prices and inventory levels with an excel file. 

Using the Auto-Import Feature

To start your import, click Control Panel and then Import/Export. From the tabs above, select Import.

Select the category you will be importing. We recommend starting with importing companies. If you will be importing contacts with company information, the list of companies needs to be imported first.

Once you have selected the type of records you will be importing, download the data template from the links below. These templates will show you which fields you should and can have in your import file.

Then, click Choose File and upload your excel file to TeamGram. At this stage, you can select who will have access to these records.

Next, click Continue and match the columns in your excel file and the fields in TeamGram. Finally, finish your import by clicking Continue after matching the columns and fields to finish your import. You will receive an email from verifying your import.


* You don't have to use the templates below for importing your data. However, you may download these, populate them and upload with ease. 

  1. Excel Template For Importing Products
  2. Excel Template For Importing Contacts (People)
  3. Excel Template For Importing Companies
  4. Excel Template For Importing Deals
  5. Excel Template For Importing Leads
  6. Excel Template for Importing Updated Product Prices and Inventory