When Do You Need A Custom App? | teamgram

When Do You Need A Custom App?

The built-in forms in TeamGram are designed to cover a wide range of business needs.

If you have a special need, and want to have an application inside TeamGram, you can add it by defining a custom application. Typical candidates are form-based internal applications like inspection reports, time sheets, problem tickets, customer complaints, etc.

Here are some questions to help you decide if you should use a third party external application, or a custom app in TeamGram:

  • Do you want to connect your application to other data in TeamGram? 
    If your forms frequently reference customer names, users, and other information that is already in TeamGram, it is usually better to build your application as a custom app in TeamGram.
  • Do you want your users to have mobile access to your app?
    TeamGram is usually the simplest way to deploy a custom mobile application for internal use.
  • Do you need support for photos and file attachments in your app?
    TeamGram custom app forms can incorporate photos and attachments.
  • Do your forms contain information that is vital for managing relationships with customers, vendors and other external parties?
    TeamGram custom app documents can be connected to contacts and customers, and they can be displayed on their pages. You may want to use a TeamGram custom app to make your electronic forms readily available to team members who deal with these third parties.
  • Is cost a concern?
    TeamGram Premium accounts include unlimited custom apps at no extra cost.