Writing And Updating A Quote | teamgram

Writing And Updating A Quote

To write a new quote, click on the New quote button on the quotes page.

  • Customer: Type in the customer's name and either select a matching customer from the options offered, or create a new one (using new company or new contact options).
  • Attention: This is the person to whom the quote is addressed. Choose or create a new contact.
  • Intro text: This is the introductory text that usually introduces your company before listing the prices and other terms. You can write any text here. To save time, ask your system administrator to enter the default entry text all draft quotes will start with. You will still be able to edit the defaults.
  • Do not show totals: Check this box if you are creating a quote document with alternative quotes and don't want the line totals to be calculated.
  • Prices are: Choose one of the options: VAT Exclusive, VAT ─░nclusive or No VAT. TeamGram will calculate the prices automatically.
  • Pricing table: You can add lines to this section as needed. For each line, start with selecting a product. Type in the product name and either select one of the suggested matching products, or create a new one. Set the quantity, unit price, and currency. The line total will be calculated automatically.
  • Product options: If you need to add options to any line item in the pricing table, click on the green pencil button to the right of that line. This will add a text field under it where you can write options like color, pattern, or size.
  • Discount: Apply a discount, either as a percentage, or as an absolute amount.
  • Footer text: This is the text that appears after the prices, and before the signature. Additional terms like delivery times, applicable taxes, warranties must be written here.
  • Other information: Add addresses, related contacts and deals here.

The stage of a quote may only be changed after it is saved as a draft. To change the stage, click on the quote in the list and then click on the change link under the quote name.